Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to Improve Torrent Download

Ok, this one is for Mira.

Mir, to improve download speed of your uTorrent, you need to set up two things, the ROUTER, and the COMPUTER running uTorrent itself. I assume your house diagram looks like this:

Ok, then you need to do the following two steps

#1. figure out your broadband's real upload speed.

Use For FIRSTMEDIA, use this url:

Test the speed, and write down how many Kbps is the UPLOAD speed, and divide the number by 8, because you'd need the KBps (kilo BYTE per second) upload speed.

#1. Set up your uTorrent in your COMPUTER

If you want a step-by-step, follow this link.

But if you're familiar with uTorrent, what you need to set up are:
a. in Preferences->Connection, set a static port for your uTorrent: mine is 55461.
b. in Preferences->Bandwidth,
- set the maximum upload speed to 80% of your total upload speed. Note that this is in KBps, not in Kbps. I set mine to about 12 KBps.
- set Global maximum number of connection to 120
- set Maximum number of connected peer to 50
c. in Preferences->Queueing,
- set the maximum number of active torrent to 3
- set the maximum number of download to 2

#2. Set up your ROUTER for Port Forwarding.

The most complete guide to setting up your ROUTER can be find here:

Pick your router brand and type from the list and follow the instruction.

Again, if you're comfortable with the details, what you need to set up is basically two things:

a. Static IP Address

So your COMPUTER always use the same IP address.
I do this by modifying the DHCP configuration in the ROUTER to always assign a specific IP for my computer (my computer's MAC address).

b. Port Forwarding

So you specify the ROUTER to always map the one specific port you use for uTorrent directly to your computer's IP Address (this is why a static IP address is required).

That's all,

Follow these, and your torrent will pretty much max out your download bandwidth.

Happy downloading, Mir!


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