Monday, October 24, 2011

Clearing ALL Contacts in Blackberry

Well, after many attempt of trying to sync contact wirelessly between my Laptop, Blackberry, Galaxy Tab, (and google and yahoo), I end up with double my contact entry (each about 4500 contacts), one from yahoo and one from google. (long story, not relevant right now)

I have decided that Google is "it". so I am going to synch all my clean-ed up contact in outlook, to Blackberry and Google, then let that sync to my Android.

Now its time to wipe them out. and end up with only 1 entry per contact.

1. Connect your device to your computer
2. Open the Blackberry Desktop Manager software
3. Click on Device menu on top
4. Click on Delete data...
5 Choose Selected Data
6 Choose "Address Book" and Address Book - All"
7. For safety, choose also (optionally)
8. Now with “Address Book” highlighted hit the Clear button

This will clear all the contact from the device.


Monday, October 17, 2011

URL Shortener with Tracker

OK, next on things to learn to use on the web is the URL Shortener with Tracker.

An absolute essential service for the internet professional.

For now, this is just a place holder on articles I found useful on the subject. The two articles that ranks the various services are (as of October 2011):


which suggest that the top service is However, that service refuse to allow me to create a login just now.


which suggested that is the best, but is what the author actually uses.

The feature lists to lookout for are:

- short URL
- re-type-able URL ( is not re-type-able, but is, note: no CAPS)
- custom URL (you can explicitly ask for
- integration with your favorite twitter client

- Aggregrate tracking summary
- Instance-by-instance
- Country of Origin
- Browser Spec
- Referrer URL
- Private statistic (statistic is only view-able by creator of URL)
- Public statistic (statistic is accessible by all)

How to Lock Screen Orientation in Samsung Galaxy Tab

A month ago, I discovered how to lock the screen orientation on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. I then locked my screen on potrait mode... and forgot how to do this... :(

After various searches on the web, I finally rediscovered how to undo this. So I'll post it here so I won't forget.

I think this is somewhat device dependent.

In a Galaxy Tab, from just about any screen, you "pull down" the notification screen, and up there on the top right you'll see, "orientation lock" (either in color (On), or gray-ed out (Off)). Tap it. and you're locked.

See this URL for a Youtube demo

But in another Youtube, it shows that on an O2, its different, maybe an older Android OS. It is in SETTING -> Display -> Orientation. I'd say this is a more sensible place.

(This is part of my answer to this androidforum article.