Monday, October 17, 2011

URL Shortener with Tracker

OK, next on things to learn to use on the web is the URL Shortener with Tracker.

An absolute essential service for the internet professional.

For now, this is just a place holder on articles I found useful on the subject. The two articles that ranks the various services are (as of October 2011):


which suggest that the top service is However, that service refuse to allow me to create a login just now.


which suggested that is the best, but is what the author actually uses.

The feature lists to lookout for are:

- short URL
- re-type-able URL ( is not re-type-able, but is, note: no CAPS)
- custom URL (you can explicitly ask for
- integration with your favorite twitter client

- Aggregrate tracking summary
- Instance-by-instance
- Country of Origin
- Browser Spec
- Referrer URL
- Private statistic (statistic is only view-able by creator of URL)
- Public statistic (statistic is accessible by all)

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