Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to backup your Blackberry's Contact

This is for all my friends

You've heard your friend's Blackberry crashed, and he/she has begged you to resend your contact details. You pray it will never happen to you. Well, guess what. Most likely, it will, and it will happened in the most unfortunate time.

If you're lucky enough (like all of you PMG guys :) and you use BES (and pay an arm an a leg every month for it) oh well, you're covered. just call helpdesk and tell them to reactivate your bb.

If not, then you better backup your blackberry. and yes, do it now. RIGHT NOW. please!

You got two options.

If you still have your original blackberry CD, that cd contains the Blackberry Desktop Manager. Use that. it will backup everything. Contacts, Applications, the works.

And Its easy enought to use, So... I won't be covering that today.

For a quick alternative, use Google Synch.

This will only backup your contacts. But well, for a free solution, its not bad.

Step 1

Get a Gmail account:

Step 2

Install Google Mobile App:

PS. you should do this while you're on the fastest internet connection possible: 3G or even WIFI if possible. I won't cover how to connect to WIFI on your BB, but if you need to know, just ask me.

1. Open your Internet Browser on your BB

2. goto

3. Choose "SYNC" in one of the list shown (bukan Google Mobile App)

4. Choose "Install This"

5. Choose "Download" and wait for your application to download

6. Once downloaded, choose "Run"

7. Enter your gmail Email and Password and click "Sign In"

8. Read the Welcome screen, and Click "Configure Synch".

9. Configure these options:
- When to Synch: Automatic
- [X] Sync Contacts
- [ ] Synch Calendar (unless you do want to save your calendar)

10. Click the [BB] (menu) button and choose "Save"

11. it will show when was the last successful sync

12. Now find a quiet spot with good internet connection where you can be there for hours. Maybe you should wait till you're at home at night with your BB plugged in

13. Click the [BB] (menu) button and choose "Sync Now"

14. and wait.

This will backup your entire contact to your Gmail account. and keep them synchronized.

If and when your BB crashed. you just reset it (or even buy a new BB), and then install the Google Sync again. following these same steps will recover you all your contacts.


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