Sunday, March 27, 2011

TechCrunch - Why Startups Need to Blog

Going though my tweets of the day, I noticed this aptly titled article in TechCruch by Mark Suster

Wow, finally, what I've been looking for. A how-to (and what-for) guide about blogging for a highly competitive industy, where "loose lips sink ships", along with all the must-have toolkits to put up in your blog. (I guess its upgrade time for this old blog. We'll see over the next few weeks).

Cool gadget aside, though, the issue about what to talk about is what's been worrying me about blogging. Yes, I'd like to share ideas with my fellow industry enthusiasts, but not to jeopardize my own companies.

Mark suggested to blog about the industry. Hmm.. somewhat save. There are lots of miscommunication and wrong informations about technology, especially internet, in Indonesia. I guess sharing my research on these (and get corrections) isn't too dangerous.

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