Thursday, February 28, 2013

Personal Computing - 2013 edition - Jakarta in the Cloud

Back to bloggin after all this time...

Well, i'm here to update the world how I configure my computer to face 2013 and onward.

Same setting, but now more cloud integrated.Now, Jakarta is much more Internet enabled, and it is finally possible to shift massive quantity of my personal data in the cloud to survive crashes, obsolescence, and just plain simple I forgot my computer at home, issue.

First, my personal computers revolves around a Dell Studio 14 (old) laptop, a Blackberry Onyx, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab, (and various mp3 players, TV and DVD Recorder with DivX player, my wife's iPad and my daughters' kindle, android, netbook, laptop, etc etc.)

A 3Mbps cable modem (12Mbps this month only, due to a promo by Firstmedia) connects my house to the world, sadly with only 100Kbps upload capability.This connection is shared via 300m+ of UTP cables and no less than 4 wifi access points accross my house and my inlaw's. I must have the most networking hardware in my entire apartment complex.

In my offices I have 5Mbps leased lines but shared among heavy gaming and torrent users. Needless to say, I get better bandwidth personally at home.

Now, as 2013 rolls around. I want to upgrade my systems and those of my family to allow us to share more data in the cloud (like 400MB of just about every documents that my family comes accross, bills, bank statements, passport, house deeds, brochure for car rentals, etc.), watch movie (Samsung Allshare?), and backup the ever-crashing kid's computers.

Anyways, in various other posts I will be discussing various aspect of my computing platform. 

Anyone interested? Care to share yours?

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