Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to migrate / move your Blackberry Messenger 6.0 or 5.0 to BBM for Android without reinviting all your friends and groups.

I'm sure you BBM die-hard users have seen it tons of time recently. Your friends asked you to re-add them on a new BB PIN as they moved from their Blackberry to a BBM App in iPhone and Android. Its annoying, it clutters up the BBM contact list with old, now dead, PINs, and, for those of you with a "Geeky" reputation to protect (like me), its just not cool.

I'm sure you've also seen half of your friends who smoothly migrate their old BBM to the BBM app, without any need for those "re-add" requests. And you'd probably know how its done. If your COntact List and Blackberry Groups have been saved to your Blackberry ID by your BBM (7.0 or above), You simply login to your Blackberry ID in your new BBM App, and your BBM contacts and groups are recoverd correctly.

Now, if you, like me, are one of those unlucky fellow to have an old BB with an old BBM 5.0 or 6.0... This path is not so smooth. and filled with tons of pitfalls, and dead ends. That is why I am writing this blog entry.

Now, I have a:
 - Blackberry 9700 (from Orange, but used in Telkomsel's network)
 - BB OS 5.0 (App version (726)
 - Blackberry Messenger 5.0
 - 4000+ Phone book contacts
 - 240 groups contacts
 - 10 bbm groups
The last 3 may be the reason why it takes a lot of waiting for me to complete the tasks.

A. The steps are quite simple, but TIME CONSUMING, and PRONE TO FATAL ERROR. So proceed with caution!

1. Backup your Blackberry using Blackberry Desktop Manager!
2. Upgrade your BBM to BBM 7.0 using a site that archive old BBM apk.
3. Create your Blackberry ID in BBM 7.0
4. Wait a few hours, to make sure your BBM contact lists AND GROUPS are all there, then turn off your Blackberry for the last time.
5. Load BBM for Android (or IPhone) in your other device
6. Login to the BBM for Android with your Blackberry ID
7. Lastly, wait a few more hours to make sure all is synchronized.

Yes, there are a lot of waitings.

for detail of Step A1-A7

B. Now, if somewhere along the line you screwed up (as I did). I will also show you how to recover by:
1a. Factory Reset using BBSAK to unstuck you from any "hang" condition

1b. Or, in less dire scenario. simply delete the current BBM app from your Blackberry
2. Reload OS 5.0 with BBM 5.0 into your hardware
3. Recover your data from the backup made in step A1 above
4. Optionaly (maybe) upgrade your BBM to BBM 6.0
5. Follow step A2-A7 as listed above.

for detail of Step B1-B5

I hope this will be useful to people. I welcome comments and corrections. As I certainly have not tried every possible scenario.



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