Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How To Enable ‘Delete Confirmation Dialog’ In Windows 8

This one is sourced from How To Enable ‘Delete Confirmation Dialog’ In Windows 8 by Usman Javaid.

There is one thing that has been bothering me ever since I was forced to move to Windows 8 (because I bought a new computer), and that is by default, there is no DELETE CONFIRMATION when I delete, sometimes accidentally, anything on Window Explorer. I am a fan of keyboard shortcut and "SHIFT-DELETE" which permanently delete files, and today, I accidentally delete 2 GB worth of files with a "single" keystroke. So I finally got around to finding out how to turn "Delete Confirmation Dialog" back on. I found this article by Usman, and "copy" it here for my own archiving.

What bothers you most when moving to Windows 8? Let me know!

Here is the steps to turn on "Delete Confirmation Dialog":

STEP 1: Open Property Tab of Recycling Bin.
- Locate your recycling bin, it is on the top left of your desktop.
- Right click it to display the menu.
- Select "Properties"

STEP 2: Activate "Display Delete Confirmation Dialog"
- Check the box next to "Display Delete Confirmation Dialog"
- Click OK button to save this change.
- And you're done!

Now you can see this dialog every time you delete:

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